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    Hello, Please Use This Format For Builder Applications!
    Please Note: All Wizards do not get to play survival! Doing so will get you fired!
    You will be building for players or special events.

    If I Get Accepted, What Happens Next?
    If you are accepted as a builder, or commonly referred to as a wizard, you will first be put in the place of Apprentice. An Apprentice is the very first stage of becoming a wizard, and shares all the commands of one. You will be watched closely by staff to note how you act, build, and communicate with others. After two weeks, you will either be turned down of wizard, or promoted. Wizard and Apprentice are identical to each other, sharing all aspects. As a Wizard/Apprentice you are officially recognized as a staff member. So please act like one, always doing what's asked of you and not holding yourself above the rules.

    Application Format:
    1. Your In Game Name:
    2. Your Age:
    3. Time On The Server
    4. Why You Desire To Be A Builder
    5. Do You Have Any Previous Experience As A Builder?
    6. How Active Can You Be?
    7. Preferred Build Style:
    8. Skill With World Edit And Voxel Sniper:
    9. Any Strengths We Can Play Into With Your Training:
    10. Skype and Discord:

    Guidelines Before Making An Application:
    1. Time played, ensure you've played on Talion for over two weeks.
    2. Detail, do not answer with one sentence questions. Let us get to know you more.
    3. Maturity, you are mature and can be trusted with your powers as builder.
    4. You have Skype and Discord for communication.
    5. Professionalism, your application is error free and easy to read.

    SCREENSHOTS ARE REQUIRED. If screenshots are not applied with the post,
    it will be denied immediately.

    =Thanks For Reading=

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