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    My Suggestions/ Opinions.


    I’m trying to keep this as short as I can but please bear with me.

    I’ve been playing on Mianite for about 4 years now, I fell in love with the original series and always wanted to try it out for myself. Now I know some of you reading this may have been on the server for a short while, but I think you can agree with me on my proposals and statements.

    Moreover, please don’t take this as a rant. I love this server and I always have been, it has endless positives. I just want to help the server in trying to achieve its potentials.

    However, I do have some suggestions/ proposals.


    1. Voting giving more perks – I understand and very much enjoy the idea of voters gaining benefits such as crates, I believe this is a very good idea and it works very well. This is where I believe it should be expanded upon. I believe there should a system in place in which; once a voter has voted a certain amount of times they receive mandatory awards, but effective ones. They could receive some fun commands after (let’s say for example) 50 votes, they could receive a trail? Maybe after 60 votes they could receive a certain pet? Just some ideas, room for thought.

    2. Activity – In comparison to when this server first started the Gods seemed to be on pretty much a couple times a week. I rarely see them on now, this may be due to my time zone considering I live in the UK and I could be completely wrong. I am proposing a new time-frame for God’s to appear. Maybe make little appearances here and there, they don’t have to come on just for the roleplay. I believe an increase in interaction would boost the player-server interaction.

    3. Events – I see a lot of people complain that there are not many events. However, I wish to disagree, I believe there is a sufficient quantity of events and are very diverse, this is one thing I like about the server. However, smaller events would be a lot of fun, just some cool Non-roleplay events that may increase satisfaction.

    4. Initiative – It is no secret that there is a lack of players on the server, and I believe this is an issue why. I believe players just don’t see any initiative to come onto the server anymore, there is almost no one in the arena like before for example. Now I am quite sure on how to solve this problem, but I think a huge part comes down to the player-staff interaction.

    5. A new style of playing – I know there has been some questions surrounding this, but I believe there should be a new style of playing. Currently, with the implementation of ‘half-vanilla’ survival, it is not attracting new players. I believe there should be a new mod or plugin that would add a whole other dimension of playing Mianite. This can weave right into the role-play at a certain time. However, I must stress that the server should not be taken away from its roots of vanilla survival, as Mianite itself is vanilla, so this implementation/idea of mine does have criticisms which I will accept. On the other hand, the direction taken with Mianite MCMMO will be a completely different direction to Vanilla MC, so it may work out for us too.

    6. The direction of any new RP changes – What I mean by this is that there is a lot of emphasis on new forms of RP. For example, as soon as there is a new God or a new villain, they should not immediately have all the most OP players on the server on their current team, this gives Mianite, Dianite and Ianite am im-balance of strength when compared against the new villain.

    7. Lottery system – This idea is expanded from the voting system. I believe every time someone votes they should be given a lottery ticket, they can then use this lottery ticket at the end of the week where prizes can be won. (I’m not too sure how this can be implemented with plugins and such, this is purely speculative)

    Other small ideas

    · Added plugins: Drop party, realm of mianite, magic wands (Astral Force’s ideas, I agree with these additions)

    · Small ranks specifically from voting – more votes = more players, gives extra potential for people to buy things inside the server

    · Extra things to buy from the store – I believe there could be some small added additions to the /buy store such as re-naming a sword with colours and stuff.

    My most Valuable Idea (In my opinion)

    Expanding on what I meant earlier by the initiative and activity. I believe there should be a new way to fight. There is an obvious problem with the lack of activity around the arena. That’s why I have thought of this idea. In no way is this a solution but I believe it has some good groundwork for discussion.


    This would be set out as follows:

    · Every Saturday/Sunday (whenever the play-base is at its peak) I believe every person should be teleported to a different world.

    · In this different world, its everybody vs everybody. What I mean by this is that its every Dianite vs Ianite vs Mianite vs Naruum (or whatever villain is present at time)

    · Every person would be allowed to take their own gear and would have to fight to win, there is no re-spawning.

    · There should be enemy bases which would be relevant to each God.

    · Every person can fight or they can help the fighters win.

    · Every person should be given 1 day before the big brawl, maybe to scout enemy lines or to create an ambush, this idea can probably be implemented into role-play and such.

    · The big brawl – everybody is forced out of their said bases and should be ready to kill everyone else.

    · As soon as a team has won they can be rewarded as such for the next brawl.

    I believe this idea should be weaved into role-play. In my vision, there should be a huge arena, with a massive living area for each God, the gods should then give guidance on what they must do to win the brawl.

    This gives players a set initiative every week, and allows for a lot more interaction between players-gods-staff etc. This gives players a goal, a set mission every week, and gives them a purpose. Moreover, a lot of people do enjoy PVP and this would rejuvenate this ideology. However, this is still a problem of people that may not want to take part, this can be countered by allowing these people to gather materials for their fighters, or maybe with a new style of play they can help in new ways.


    If you’re reading this, thank you for taking the time to read my suggestions.

    I would like to stress this however. I love this server, I always have, there are endless positives such as; amazing staff (yes every one of you), positive community (except for cyb, fuck that guy, kidding ly too) , good events, amazing role-play, a perfect economy system, a good purge system, voting system, affective wizards etc, nice owner (ly Jack plz don’t kill me) I could go on.

    These are simply some suggestions I have.

    I am very open to some constructive criticisms, please get back to me with any added suggestions or ideas to further improve my analysis.

    Thank you,

    George (DeltaPack)
  2. Devasia

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    Jul 14, 2016
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    These are some pretty good ideas
  3. Delta

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    May 13, 2017
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    Thank you!
  4. AstralForce

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    Aug 21, 2016
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    Hi. I do like many of your ideas but I have some constructive criticism.
    1. Your first point about vote keys giving rewards for "x" amount of votes is good but, voting rewards already exist. It's not for a certain number but the top3 voters get prizes at the end of the month. /voting will show the prizes.
    2. You said new villains should not have the most OP people right away.... Naruum doesn't. The strongest Naruum has is arguably Crystal then Shiro. Meanwhile Dianite has Me and Jin, Ianite has Purge, Mianite has Leon, Cris, Kaleb, and Reliq and Godless has Ketsu. All these players have maxed sharp6's and prot5 which I'm 99% sure is equal or above anything Naruum has so he isn't overly OP.
    3. Colored Named Items in the store do exist!! See before Sharp6 and CE (custom enchant) were in shop they were donation only items. As in if you just donate 5 dollars you tell an admin hey look I donated can I have this and they give it to you. The prices are as follows
    Sharp6 - 30
    Sharp7 - 40 (this is from Sharp6 TO sharp7)
    Custom Enchant - 5
    Color Rename - 5
    Power 6 - 20
    Power 7 - 30 (This is from power6 TO power7)

    3. The brawl. This idea is good in theory but has issues. If it's a no respawn thing then it's basically who doesn't die correct? Well then Godless wins. And if you don't do Godless and just say D,I,M, and N then Dianite probably wins. When using our own gear it's almost impossible to make it even.

    So yea I would say that's it for me I agreed with every other point.
  5. Delta

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    May 13, 2017
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    Thank you for the reply Astral, I do have a response:
    Regarding your first point, i was just saying that there could be more ways to get rewarded. The more initiative people have to vote, the more chance more of people coming onto the server would result in more money for the server most likely
    Regarding the second point, i agree with you completely, i was simply making an objective view. Your response was sufficient.
    Regarding the third point, it was just me being stupid, sorry.
    Regarding the fourth point, i was just pointing out an idea of making people have the initiative to play, there are over ideas.

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