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What type of reset do you think would be best for the server?

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  1. Full server wipe

  2. World reset

  3. Partial wipe keeping bought items

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    Jul 17, 2016
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    Hi guys, girls and Apache attack helicopters
    and maybe toasters...

    So this is serious talk... Recently a lot of people have recently left the server for various reasons... I will not divulge these reasons as to avoid drama... First off I want to know what you would want to happen on the server as I have heard multiple people screaming and suggesting a full server wipe...

    I honestly don't support the idea... And it's not because of what I'd lose, as many of you may know I am a chronic builder and have built many towns, cities and villages, and I also have bought items from the store... but then again I ain't against it, I agree that maybe a full wipe is in order as atm there is an influx of sharp 5s and 6s and items with coloured custom names, this has made things difficult for staff like Ninten to create prizes for events, there is also the gaze of the server getting more population from this as there is more of an opportunity for new players to get involved with RP and PVP events with a fair chance... Both arguments have fairly substantial evidence to either keep the current population or to boost the servers population... And as a method of clearing these issue of everyone having sharp 6s and prot 5-6... (Yes... Prot 6 is a thing now...:-/)

    Honestly I want your opinions!

    I don't make this to trample the feet of higher staff... If I have I apologies...

    Please don't start rants in here thanks :-D

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