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    Hello, Please Use This Format For Moderator Applications!
    Please Note: All Moderators are in survival, and you yourself are not above chat rules! All Moderators of every type must enforce rules, both in chat and outside. Also, any rank you've bought or obtained will be kept!
    You are considered a staff member now, so act mature and respectful.

    What Happens if I Get Accepted?
    If you are accepted by a staff member, you'll first go into the Trial-Mod stage. This stage helps staff recognize if you are fit for the task of Moderator or any position higher. During Trial-Mod you'll share the commands of a Moderator. These commands include, /Warn, /Kick, /Mute, and so on. Typically the Trial-Mod stage is two weeks long, and will either show that you are currently not ready for Moderator, or are ready for the position of Moderator.

    The next position is Moderator, this shows that you are ready for such a solidified role. Sharing the commands of Trial-Mod, Moderator shows normal players that you are there to help them if they have any questions or need help. Never be angry with them for asking for help, it is your job!

    Finally, Moderator+ is the last Moderator rank. Along with doing all previous Moderator rank tasks, you will help players with any grief that occurs. You will have access to a command called /co i which will give you the past actions preformed on a block. Warn as such for grief depending on how large the affected area is. For rolling back a grief you will have the command:
    /co rollback t:[Time the grief happened] r:[Radius the grief is from the position you are currently in]

    Please, be patient when being promoted. The process may be a matter of weeks or months!

    Application Format:
    When filling out a format you will answer these questions in order.
    1. Your In Game Name:
    2. Your Age:
    3. Time On The Server:
    4. Why You Desire To Be A Moderator:
    5. Do You Have Any Previous Experience With Another Server:
    6. How Active You Can Be:
    7. Your Skype and Discord:

    Trial-Mod and Moderator:
    /Warn [Player] [Reason]
    /unwarn [Player]
    /tempban [Player] [Reason]
    /kick [Player] [Reason]
    /mute [Player] [Reason]
    /checkban [Player]

    All Previous Commands
    /co i
    /co rollback t:[Time] r:[Radius]
    /unmute [Player]
    /ban [Player] [Reason]
    /unban [Player]

    What To Warn/Ban For:
    Excessive Characters - 15+ Of The Same Letter.
    Caps - 15+ Letters in a row, regardless of word separation.
    Spam - 3+ Words in separate sentences, or 5+ of the same word In the same sentence.
    Killing Outside Arena.
    Spam Tp, Msg, Or Duel Request More than 3 Times.
    Disrespect Towards Players Staff or Gods, Verbally warn first, then /Warn.
    Inappropriate use of language.

    What To Temp ban For:
    3-10 Block Grief - 3 Hours Ban
    11-20 block Grief - 7 Hours Ban
    21-35 block Grief - 2 Day Ban
    36+ block Grief - 3 - 10 Days

    Advertisement - If they give another server's ip.
    Banned Alts - If a banned player joins with an alt.
    Threatening to ddos.

    Guidelines Before You Make An Application:
    1. Activeness, ensure you are active on Talion for 1-2+ hours a day for two weeks.
    2. Detail, do not answer the questions with one sentence. Let us know you a bit, it will help your chances.
    3. Act mature and responsible in game, you will be a staff member so act like one!
    4. Grammar and clarity, write a professional application with correct grammar, but still easy to read.
    5. Professionalism, act correct in game and create a good looking application.

    =Thanks For Reading=

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