Moons backstory.

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    I heard of everyone doing this so I decided to do it. Enjoy .

    My name is Moonwatch Lunarpick.

    It has been a year when I arrived at the land of Talion. But I would like to give my story so everyone can beware The Tempest.

    I planted some wheat in a field near my village. I sighed happily. My town was good even though it lived by a cliffside. I have Ogre proofed the walls and made sure that creepers can't blow it up. Not even a Skitters could jump over it! When I was done planting I went back to give my friend Gavin a gift. Gavin was a blacksmith and I was a miner. I still remember the day he saved my life. When I was down in the mines I had the bad luck of finding a mage. Since in the caves we were not to bringn weapons I was ill supplyed to fight such a beast. I thought I would die in that cave. But then Gavin came by and slayed the retched beast. When it dropped it's wand he gave it to me. I thought he deserved it for he saved my life. But Gavin just smiled and said "you take it". And that is how I met him. Well anyway when I came back the village was aflame. I ran towards it and brandished my lunarian pickaxe at the monsters. But it was worse then I imagined. Every type of monster was Thier. Ogres,Torgans,Magras,Skitters and Deadlocks. We dealt with Deadlocks sometimes because our forest home is near a frozen tundra. But what gave me chills was the Nightlocks. They killed my father and mother when I was just a child. But when I saw what was leading the charge I was terrified. It was a hooded figure who seemed to control lightning. For wherever he pointed at lighting came down from above. Fear me! He cried For I am The Tempest! And then he brandished his hand at some kids. KIDS. And roasted them with lighting. The Village guards were doing well but their is only so much they can do before the get overrun. I saw Gavin fighting back the monsters. I came and said "Need some help?" Gavin smiled and nodded. Together we were a unstoppable force. We chased The Tempest to the edge of the cliffside and battled until the Tempest said "Please! I will surrender ". Gavin had his sword at his head. But he lowered it when he heard it. Suddenly I saw the flash of a knife. The Tempest hit him in the heart. "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!". "Please!" I said to Gavin. "Don't give up man! Come on!" But Gavin looked up and smiled. Then he died in my arms. "NOOOOOOOOOO!" Then suddenly The Tempest Signaled the Nightlocks to shoot. I signed them all until one hit me in the shoulder. I looked at it. Then the Tempest. The last thing I saw was the Evil smile on his face as my knees buckeld and I fell down the cliff. I was lucky enough to fall down into a pool. The next morning I went up to the village and saw that it was burned to the ground. No one was alive. After that I traveled for months. Then I looked into the distance and saw a Town. I learned that that town was the Center of Talion. So hear I am. But when you meet the Tempest beware. But one day I will avenge my people. I will Avenge Gavin. One day I will defeat the Tempest.

    So this is my origin. Pretty cool huh?
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    Indeed it is cool.

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