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    Ok. Well I don't exactly know why I am here but I just am. Well anyway I just came here to vent out my frustrations. So here is the main idea. If you think Mods are more difficult to make than custom commands then your dead wrong creeper hugger. I am not usually so oh this is right and your wrong but in this one I am. With mods you just have to do a bit of coding, little modelling and bam you got a mod. I think command block creations are greatly unappreciated and unused even though some are amazing. And what I hate is that some mod creators are just super lazy like the Mutant Creatures creator. (2 years...... 2 years and after all that he only gives us one mob. And it's a joke mob at that. Unbelivable.....) Well with command block makers they have to work HARD. Like grinding their back for 2 hours because they have to think of something that will work but also won't change anything in the game itself. I have a few friends that are working their ASSES of for huge projects that are AMAZING yet no one is paying attention because their looking at some dumb ass candy mod. One of them is fucking reacreating Twighlight Forest, and the Primitive Mobs mod using only FUNCTIONS and COMMAND BLOCKS because it was no longer getting updated.One dude I know who should be known as one of the greatest commanders for his achivments yet no one care's because oh look it's a porn MOD all I care about MOOOOOODS. Well how about you just look at something else for a moment dumbass. Look theirs a ton of commands going on out their that you don't even know about that's great. The Tempests Box. And some are underway like StormTech and Myths of Aincents. When people hear these names they should have the same reaction as if someone said you know the Orespawn mod? But.... people don't. And I find that sad. So this is a message to you guys. Pay attention to other things in MC. Because I think Mods are over rated and Commands are unappreciated.
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