RP from the Oni Tomb Event to June 16th

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    Ok so here we go with another RP recap!

    -So, we start the morning of the Oni Tomb. That morning we all patiently awaited going into the Tomb. As we did, Caldyr informed us it was about time that he reopened the Uncrowned base that was located in Talion, and more specifically Halenvale (/spawn). We get to see this base and Caldyr sends a raven to inform the other members.
    -Next, we are all waiting outside near the crates. Naruum appears in the realm of Talion. He taunts us with the Oni Tomb and laughs mockingly. He then stops in front of DrEnder. Naruum calls Ender's mom a "puppet". Then Ianite appears and says "she is I". This reveals the first DemiGod, Ender.
    -Then, we finally get a report on Cecil. After being attacked and crippled by Naruum, and sent to the Siren of the Seas, he has been reborn. He now appears in his new robotic body. He displays an incredible amount of strength and speed.
    -Finally, we prepare to enter the Tomb. Caldyr, along with Cecil, Mianite, and Dianite, tell everyone their plans. We must get to the tomb, attack Ender, and thus Ianite will come to save her son. When she does this, we will get her blood and use it to open the tomb and fight the Oni where it is strongest. Meanwhile, Mianite and Dianite will fend off the other 9 weakened Oni to let us focus 1 target.
    -Now, we begin the fight. The battle outside is hectic. Naruum followers fight against the people. Ender is slain by Cecil thus causing Ianite to appear. Ianite's blood is taken and thus the Tomb opened.
    -Inside the tomb everyone prepares to fight the Oni. There is a big room with the Oni Boss. It is a difficult battle, however he is defeated. Then the 9 other weakened Oni ran in. They were also defeated. But, we do not know where Mianite and Dianite are as they were supposed to hold back the 9. Now, with all Oni defeated, Naruum appears. He denounces his followers and kills everyone. Armor is shattered as well as spirits. The fight is over.
    -The next day Naruum and Ianite appear. They cannot hear us but we can hear their conversation. Naruum is angry that Ianite has dissapointed him for that last time. She screams no and they both disappear. Soon, Morgana arrives. Morgana is Ianite, or a version of her. Naruum split Ianite into two beings, both immortal and both Ianite. However, their godly powers are halved (And so is Enders). Morgana has decided to take on the name of Ianite before she became a God to avoid the confusion of 2 Ianites. She also reveals to us that Naruum captured Mianite and Dianite and trapped them in the shadow realm. He is absorbing them and using them as batteries. Ianite is trapped in a castle in the shadow realm, because if Naruum drains her he drains Morgana, so she is kept trapped away and safe. Morgana tells us we need to create a blackhole if we want to stand any chance at saving our "petty gods".
    -So, we soon begin to make a machine that can create a BLACKHOLE!!! Cecil and Caldyr began making a machine that we fueled with Nether Stars. It will be used to make a blackhole on June 24th.
    -Then, Mianite appeared in the realm. He was only an apparition and told us how we should navigate the Shadow Realms. Later that day Dianite also appeared as an apparition. He told us Naruum had him blood bound and the only ones that can truly free the gods are their children. Thus Ender can save Ianite. With that Dianite reveals his sole heir and DemiGod, Me.
    -Another day, Morgana and Caldyr appeared. Morgana was teasing Caldyr, telling him to reveal the secret about Ketsu. Caldyr told her to not say a word. However, this peaked her interest... Now Caldyr was forced to tell her. Ketsu is revealed to be Half Nymph. Her father is a Nymph who also had something to do with the seas. That is how he met the Siren of the Seas and had Caldyr. YES, you heard it, Caldyr and Ketsu are half-siblings. They share the same father but have different mothers. Also, Ketsu has been dying and reforming for a long time. She has been alive for centuries. However, for this new life as Ketsu, it took way longer for her to reform. Caldyr thinks Naruum is effecting her.
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