RP Reset Book -- Lore Vol. 1 By Revalence_

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    This is a copy of the book written by Revi to go over the new Rp and what stays canon after the RP Reset

    -Talion Cannon-

    Welcome to the TalionMC Canon Book. In this book lay all of the general information of prior events that occured in this timeline. This book will be updated SEASONALLY.


    -The Gods are born and with them, the Realm of Talion. NOTE : There are other Realms that do not follow the Three.
    -As the Gods grew in power, Mortals and other beings alike had taken a notice to the Three, especially as their actions shaped the land.
    -Factions of devote followers formed from the Three as they began to interact with mortals and dabble in human politics and emotion.
    -Over hundreds of years of prosperity, while the Three were still young, bickering occurred between them.
    -Over millennia, the bickering became war. Genocides, murders, pillages, and much more ensued in the tug-o-war of the Gods.
    -This led ultimately to a massive war between the Three, killing a third of Talion's population in the process.
    -The war had created a fourth entity of darkness, one who cannot be spoken of. He strove to dismantle the Gods and the remaining population of Talion.
    -This dark being created more dark entities to do his bidding, for he remained in the Shadowland. These beings were originally known as "The Oni".
    -The Oni and their master developed a plan to steal an Essence of Void in Ianite's homeland. Removing this essence resulted in throwing Ianite into dis balance, leading to her hibernating until the essence returned.
    -Dianite had his own business to take care of. He was working to create a Cult of the Damned to overthrow his older brother's throne and create Hell on Earth.
    -After Mianite and the mortals of Talion infiltrated the Shadowlands and defeated the darkness, Mianite placed the Essence of Void back in the Void to re balance the Cosmos.
    -Little did he know, it was not that easy. Only Ianite was able to place it in it's rightful position. The attempt created a massive explosion scattering everyone, including Mianite, across the vast Realm of Talion, and turning Mianite as mortal as a God can be.
    -Although Mianite had no godly powers, he was still immortal.
    -2000 years passed, and only a small fragrance of the Three remained. By now, most of Talion had begun thinking they never existed at all. This period is known as the Shadow Age.
    -The end of the Shadow Age sprouted technology. Cities were constructed, democracy established, and finally, after years of wandering, Mianite found his way to his old home : Halenvale.
    -He played mortal for generations. With his brother in the far corner of Talion and beyond, working to complete his objective.
    -Although Mianite had the Essence of Void only Mianite could use it. He set out to awaken his sister, reading ancient wizard texts. Ianite knew this for she could see all in this state.
    -Mianite had concealed a ritual to bring Ianite, and it worked. Ianite was awakened and successfully placed the essence in the void, returning Mianite to his former glory.
    -Now that the Gods were all at large again, they worked toward rebuilding their empires, successfully. Talion flourished, and although there were those to remain in the scientific field, who believed that the Three had no business controlling mortals. Most of Talion became devote followers again.
    -When Dianite came with his Cult of the Damned, it took the combined efforts of both Mianite and Ianite to defeat him.
    -They had to call upon many heroes of old, including the Child of Tides, whose axe took the head of the Shadowlord and the Daughter's of the Forest, nymphs who worked diligently to thwart the Oni. These cousins all returned to help defeat the Dark Regime.
    -The final battle of the Dark Regime took place in the Three's very own HavenVale, completely decimating it.
    -Working together, the Daughters of the Forest, The Child of the Tides, as well as the other heroes called to action re-established HavenVale to its former glory, and leaving it to rest with the quarky bookworm Mayor Cecil. Together, this circle of heroes left to found a secret order, known only by its symbol: The Raven.
    -Everything not expressively written in this book that has been in the past is technically NOT CANON. It did not happen. But, that is not to say that it may similarly happen in the future. A band of pirates, "The Tide Sails", now follow the Child of the Tides. The Nymphs of the Forest seek their cousins to restore the rest of the land. There are other heroes not yet mentioned that you can expect to turn up.

    This took way to fucking long and I am pondering suicide.... Well hope you all enjoy
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    So I'm guessing I missed a lot..... DAMN YOU UTILITY GUY!!!!!??!?

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